Platinum Wedding Rings For Women

My sister is planning her wedding. She just got engaged last month and they are planning to have their wedding early next year. Therefore, as the maid of honor and her sister, I’m OBLIGED to help her in the preparations.

One of the many important tasks that I have to partake is the marvelous selection of rings. So, I came up with this list. This way, my sister and her husband-to-be can easily choose what type of wedding ring they want. This selection is solely platinum wedding rings as per request by the bride-to-be.


Women's Platinum Comfort-Fit Plain Wedding Band (3 mm)
Choose an elegant, classic look with this 3mm comfort fit women’s wedding band, crafted in strong and radiant 950 platinum.


#2Platinum Men's & Women's Wedding Bands 3mm halfround light
3mm half round light Platinum wedding band polished to a high shine.

#3Platinum Comfort-Fit Plain Wedding Band (4 mm)
This beautiful band has a slightly rounded shape and a bright polished finish.

#4Women's Platinum Traditional Plain Wedding Band (2 mm)
It is 95% pure platinum, 950 platinum is also hypoallergenic, making it an ideal choice for those with metal sensitivities.

#5Platinum Men's & Women's Wedding Bands 5mm halfround light
5mm half round light Platinum wedding band polished to a high shine.

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